Shipping Rates

Shipping Rates

Shipping Rates - USA

Restrictions apply to areas that are not serviced by standard Motor Freight routes. These area's can add up to $800 to a freight charge because of accessibility problems. In these rare cases, we will notify you of any extra changes prior to shipping your horse walker.

Shipping FAQ's

Q: How are the walkers shipped?

The walkers are shipped by independent haulers. Most have pickup trucks with gooseneck flatbed trailers. Some have ramps as shown below, but most do not and require equipment to offload the walker base and arms.

Pickup with flat bed trailer

Q: When will I get my Walker?

Manufacturing time on ProWalk Lead Shank Horse Walkers is 1-3 weeks, plus shipping time. For Free Style Walkers the time increases to 4-6 weeks. The time could extend 1-2 weeks in times of heavier sales (normally Aug - Nov and Mar - May).

Shipping time is the biggest variable for time. Prowalk uses two different independent dispatch services to find a driver to deliver the walker.  Depending on the destination it can take from 3 days to 3 weeks to find a driver to consign the load.  In many cases, they get a driver, who cancels for various reasons and Prowalk has to re-post the delivery again.  There is no way to speed up this process.

Q: Does the delivery driver provide Lift Gate Service??

No, the walkers are delivered on flatbed trailers without lift gates. Some are equipped with ramps. The walkers can be unloaded with a tractor with a front bucket, or by manually sliding the walker base unit and arms off the trailer via it's ramps (if equipped), which will require 4 people.

Q: Will the driver unload the horse walker?

NO! The base unit weighs 680 pounds. You must be present and prepared to offload the walker. The driver may assist you in off-loading the walker. You need a tractor with a front bucket, or a backhoe to unload the walker. If the the trailer has ramps, you will need at least 4 people to slide the walker off the trailer.

Q: Will somebody have to be here when the walker is delivered?

YES! See section above about unloading the walker. 

Q: The walker arrived damaged. One panel is dented and the paint is scratched. What do I do?

Accept the delivery and note on the freight bill the damage in detail. Make sure you are putting the information on both copies of the freight bill. Have the driver initial the damage statement. Notify ProWalk Mfg directly at 580-332-5516 and ProWalk will handle the damage claim, and send you replacement parts and touch-up paint.

If the damage is extensive such as a bent frame, call ProWalk before accepting or unloading the walker.
We cannot accept financial responsibility if damage or shortage is not noted at time of delivery, or delivery is refused!!

What this means is if an item is damaged and you do not note the damage on the freight bill, you will be solely responsible for filing the damage claim with the freight company. If they do not honor the claim, we cannot help you. So, PLEASE, note on the freight bill note ANY scratches, chipped paint, dents, holes in cardboard boxes, anything that is not right - it will make a big difference if a claim is filed at a later date for hidden damages!

Order and Shipping Details

Most orders are processed within 8 hours of receipt during normal working hours. Most shipments are made within 14 - 28 working days after receipt of your order. If any delays affect the shipment of your order, you will be notified. 

Important Notes:
  • Cancellations: If you wish to cancel an item and it has NOT shipped, we will gladly cancel the order and refund your purchase amount. If the product has shipped, we will contact the trucking company and have the item returned to the manufacturer. You will be responsible for ALL the shipping fees incurred. They will be deducted from the refund amount.
  • If your property is not deemed accessible by the driver, we cannot be responsible for any additional charges incurred to deliver the freight. In some cases, drivers may require "curbside" delivery which may include unloading at the end of a driveway, or a public parking area.
  • Drivers are NOT required to offload equipment. Please make sure that you have the equipment or manpower necessary to unload the equipment.

  • We have no control over the trucking company's delivery schedules. If you miss an appointment, the trucking company may charge you a re-delivery fee. If you do not accept delivery within a certain period of time, the trucking company may charge you a storage fee. Additional fee and any disputes over the delivery times are between you and the trucking company. When the trucking company calls to set a delivery time, get the callers name and phone number so you can contact them if the driver does not show up at the scheduled time.
  • We do not guarantee delivery dates! We have a very good record of getting motor freight shipments to you in 14 to 28 working days, but there are times when it will take longer. If you must have an item by a certain date, tell us when you place your order. If we feel we cannot get it to you by the specified date, we will notify you and cancel your order.