Payment Details

How to Order

We accept payment by: Personal or Business Check or Direct Bank Transfer.

1. Before adding the item to the Shopping Cart, select any required options such as Shipping.
2. Verify in the shopping cart that you have the correct item and the price is correct. The price in the cart includes the shipping cost.
3. Click-on "Checkout".
4. Enter your name, address, phone number and email. None of your data will ever be shared or used for any purpose other than this transaction.
5. Click "Submit".
6. On the Delivery Information page it shows your shipping cost. In most cases, this will be zero as it is added into the total.
7. Click "Continue Checkout"
8. Payment Information page. Here you will select your payment type. The options are as follows:

Payment by Direct Bank Transfer - (Required option for orders over $10,000) This payment method allows your bank to transfer funds directly from your account to our account. It only takes one business day and will not delay the order process. USA Banks Only! We will email you the transfer details to give your bank!

Payment by Mail with Check - Payment with a personal or business check. Make check payable to Prowalk Mfg. Company. The next screen and your confirmation email will show you the address to send it to. Note that this will delay the order process 7-10 days because of the time for us to receive the check plus 3 or 4 days for the bank to clear the funds.

Select your payment choice, and click "Continue Checkout".
9. The Order Confirmation page. On this page, you will get all the details to process your payment. This information will also be included in your order confirmation email. Verify the order total, and click on "Confirm the Order" to complete the order process.